The Third Choice

23.  The Third Choice
by Mark Durie
An exhaustive study on the Islamic concept of Dhimmitidue.  Disconcerting, it brings the reader face to face with the seemingly insurmountable problem of communication across vastly different worldviews.  It is difficult to know if this author's perspective is accurate.
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What is the human problem?
Islam:  ignorance --> guidance --> success
Christianity:  sin --> forgiveness --> salvation

"I have been concerned to inquire how non-Muslims, and Muslims with compassionate hearts, can resist the dhimma's demands upon their thought patterns, and how a soul weighed down by the legacy of dimmitude can find healing and freedom.

For many who already live under manifestations of Sharia law, this is a question about how humanity can live with dignity under conditions of humiliation and inferiority.  For others, citizens of free nations, there is a pressing need to gain understanding, and in so doing to strengthen the will to be free."

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