The Fallen Angel

35.  The Fallen Angel
by Daniel Silva
My Library

Loved it!  Set in the Vatican, Silva gives us more of what we really want - Gabrielle Allon being Gabrielle Allon - genius, unflinchingly committed to right wrongs, and a seriously good shot.  Silva's books are intelligent, perfectly seasoned with political and human commentary, and fun to read.  This one does not disappoint.

Cream Puff Murder

34.  Cream Puff Murder:  Hannah Swensen Mysteries
by Joanne Fluke
Audio Book
City Library

A forgettable mystery, I didn't enjoy it and have no desire to read or listen to another by the author.  YMMV

Saboteur: A Novel of Love and War

33.  Saboteur:  A Novel of Love and War
by Dean Hughes
LDS Fiction
Audio Book
City Library

This book is set in Utah & Europe during WWII.  A fairly solid piece of Latter-day Saint fiction.  Romance, suspense, and a bit of social commentary about the Japanese internment camp in southern Utah.  I enjoyed listening, and it kept me company during our annual house-overhaul in preparation for our Independence Day Firework Party!  (I'm obviously quite behind in my posting - one down - thirteen to go!)