The Passion of Mary-Margaret

25.  The Passion of Mary-Margaret
by Lisa Samson
A beautiful novel about the unexpected path of following God.  One of my favorite books of the year.  It is intense and beautiful, but also difficult and mystical.
Adult Fiction - see disclaimer
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I know I can't do this book justice in a review.  It spoke deeply to me about the inexhaustible love of Christ for us, and the reality of our ability to help in his work, and the richness of redemption.

The format is interesting, jumping back and forth in time; that sorta drove me crazy but I skipped ahead, figured out the main points, and then returned to where I was and read without the tension of wondering what would happen.

Disclaimer:  Hmmm...I'm not sure how to put this, but the Savior is a character in this novel, I thought it was well done, but I can see that it would be off-putting to some.  Subjects of rape, sexual abuse, and various sins are addressed.  There is no confusion between right and wrong, but the ugliness of sin and the pain of other's wickedness is apparent.

A quote to whet your appetite:

"Although, indeed, I've never felt particularly wise, just willing.  And even then, my brain sometimes protested like an argumentative Sophomore even though my body jumped in the car and took off.  Jesus was always at the wheel, but he's not particularly cautious."

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