Papa Married a Mormon

11.Papa Married a Mormon
by John D Fitzgerald
Set in Utah during the years surrounding statehood, this captivating tale is inspiring, engaging, and often seriously funny!
Appropriate for older teens & adults
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My Favorite Quotes:
The refusal of his openly to mouth is agnosticism stemmed from the fact that he was a gambler and considered it an “ace in the hole.” Since he never spoke out against God, if by chance there should be a God, it would be in his favor on Judgment Day.

Father O’Leary said, “The Catholic Church is the Mother Church and all religions are windows in the Mother Church. And if you break one of these windows, you desecrate the Mother Church.”

Uncle Will shook his head. “This is a tough country. It needs a lot of taming and civilizing. Life is cheap here and a man must fight for his life. I’ve killed eight men since coming West. I admit there’s a need for men like you here, but all men must stand on their own feet. If I knew a man was going to kill you in a fair and square gun fight I wouldn’t interfere. I’d have to let him kill you. I’d kill him later, but I couldn’t prevent him from killing you. That is our code out here, and you live and you die by it.”

He had learned that all Mormons excelled in three things, riding, dancing, and dexterity with firearms.

“I must know why every strange dog that sees you wags its tail and follows you home. I must know why everybody in this town from the Mormon Bishop down to the lowest drunkard, loves you. I must know why people when they mention your name seem to speak it as if they were speaking the name of a saint. I must know what it is that makes everybody love you and want to be your friend, except myself. When I have found the answers to these questions, then I shall return.”

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