Teresa of Calcutta

37.  Teresa of Calcutta: Serving the Poorest of the Poor
by D. Jeanene Watson
Biography - from The Sowers Series
Read Aloud to my 13yo daughter
From Sonlight's Eastern Hemisphere Core
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Mother Teresa is an amazing woman.  Both my daughter & I enjoyed learning more about her, putting a person behind the name.  The Sower's biographies lack soul, but still give a rich look into the lives of amazing people.

Favorite Quotes:
(The quotes from Mother Teresa are fabulous!!)

No one came forward to join her.  The entire community she hoped to establish still consisted of only one person: herself.

"I count it a great honor to have you share my home," he said.  "You do the work of God, and you will be treated as an honored guest."  In all the time Teresa lived at 14 Creek Lane, Michael Gomes never accepted any money for the services he provided.

To encourage a young and inexperienced girl to undertake such an awesome task put great responsibility upon Teresa's shoulders.  If Subhasini failed, then Teresa would share in that failure.

Teresa spoke to them, explaining the purpose of the Missionary Sisters of Charity.  "We are first of all Christians.  We are not social workers.  we serve Jesus, who comes in the form of poor people.  We nurse Him, feed Him, clothe Him, visit Him, and comfort Him.  We do it all for Jesus.  Let kindness be in your face, in your smile, in the warmth of your greeting.  Never think in terms of a crowd, only of one person.  Finally treat the poor alike whether they be Hindu, Christian, or Muslem.  Yes, treat them all the same.  We are not neutral concerning our religion; let your lives preach Christ."

Teresa explained, "First of all we make them feel they are wanted.  They learn that they are children of God.  For the few hours they have to live, they have His love and our love."

Teresa explained to the visitor..."This is the worst disease.  People have no time for their children, no time for each other, no time to enjoy each other.  Jesus Himself experienced this loneliness.  He came among His own and His own received Him not.  It hurt Him then and it has kept on hurting Him."

"We all have our shortcomings," Teresa said, "but the marvelous thing is that God uses us for His work, even with our weaknesses.  God writes through us, and however imperfect pencils we may be, he writes beautifully."

"Now let us do something beautiful for God."

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