The Alliance

18.  The Alliance
by Gerald Lund
A tale of a future, post-nuclear holocaust society where safety trumps individual choice.
Science Fiction
Appropriate for young teens & adults
My 13 yo loved it!
The Library

Lund tells the story of two societies seeking to survive after the world we know is destroyed by war.  The main character is likable and the setting is thought-provoking.  "The Alliance"  asks questions of individual responsibility, how to fight injustice, and security versus freedom.  A great book to discuss with youth.  And if you are like me, not ready for your youth to tackle "The Hunger Games" this gives them a good chance to begin dealing with some of the same issues on a less-disturbing level.

My Favorite Quotes:

With a sigh he decided it was a problem of infinite complexity and limited interest.

My father used to tell us that love and goodness are interwoven and interdependent. The more goodness a person exhibits in his life, the easier it is to love that person.  Selfishness, cruelty, exploitation -- any evil act makes it harder and harder to feel love for a person.

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